Swisher Hygiene USA Operations, Inc.

Swisher Hygiene engaged C&W|GSA to provide third-party transaction management, lease administration, strategic consulting for its 1.5-million-square-foot portfolio, spanning more than 120 locations in 37 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.


  • Implemented Lease Administration software and acclimated key personnel with the program
  • Abstracted 113 leases within 90 days
  • Created a transition plan
  • Developed and implemented new strategies for transaction management and facilities logistics


  1. Assisted new corporate leadership in establishing an automated format for diverse national real estate portfolio.
  2. Streamlined expense and liability reporting to further facilitate strategic planning model for corporate consolidation and new product line expansion.
  3. Expedited reporting process, expense tracking and critical date notifications.
  4. Improved transaction management process for more efficient review and approval.
  5. Provided effective time management value and data resources.



  • Square Footage: 1.5 million SF