Weisner Steel

Weisner Steel produces and distributes a variety of steel items including slings, cables and chains throughout North America. Weisner desired to open a distribution facility that could service the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions more efficiently. Previously these regions were serviced by existing facilities in St. Louis, MO, and Tampa, FL. Weisner targeted two areas for a possible new location – Philadelphia and Pittsburgh – eventually
deciding that Pittsburgh was the most logical choice.


  • Ascertained ideal building specifications for Pittsburgh location
  • Researched a list of available potential buildings and sites in all Pittsburgh-area submarkets
  • Toured Weisner Steel executives throughout the entire Pittsburgh region to familiarize them with the various, diverse areas
  • Selected most suitable submarket in which to locate a facility
  • Conducted further research on available properties within preferred submarket
  • Toured eight possible locations and narrowed the list to three finalists
  • Toured final three properties and requested proposals from each site


Grant Street Associates and Weisner Steel were able to chose the ideal location.